War and its causes

2009-07-03 06:14:43 by commanderhavoc

War, war never changes.
Almost every single war has been caused by something, the killing of an important man or women in a goverment, the invasion of a country or religion.
It is sad to see all those wartorn countries where atrocities are comitted in the name of so called peace, why can't they just stop the wars and instead talk instead of trying to kill each other?

Back home

2009-06-26 16:36:48 by commanderhavoc

Boy does it feel good to be home again. :)

Going to England

2009-06-06 16:10:50 by commanderhavoc

Tomorrow is a big day.
Me and my mom and dad are going to England.
We are going to be there for 2 weeks, so I may not be able to check here while we are there.

Severe migrane is one of the most painful things you can get in my own opinion.
It can hurt so much that you lose your appitetie and you feel like puking all the time.
That is how I'm feeling at the moment.
I can get severe migrane from sudden changes of pressure in the weather and such.

I have been thinking.
If there ever will be a Kingdom Hearts 3, what worlds will there be?
Here is a few world ideas that would be cool to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Gears of War:
Now this would be quite epic, Marcus Fenix, Sora, Donald, Goofy and the rest of COGs fighting both Locusts and Heartless while trying to figure out the origins behind the Locusts. Wouldn't that be cool? Sora would get the Keychain, which is basicly a Keyblade with a chainsaw, how cool is that?

Dead Space:
This one would be perfect too. Sora, Donald and Goofy get a distress signal from the ship Ishimura and they just so happen to stumble upon the ship that Isaac Clarke and his teammates were onboard before docking with Ishimura.

Imagine Sora using Plasmids while helping Jack to fight Splicers, Big Daddies and saving Little Sisters.
Pretty damn cool, eh?

Duke Nukem:
Do I need to say anything about this? ;)

Party characters.
One other cool thing they should add is that the characters on the worlds I just mentioned would join Sora & company and help them fight the Heartless. They would be in the Gummi ship and wait for Sora to give the go-ahead for them to join the party.

Isaac Clarke: His engineering tools are extremely sharp and he and Sora can do this team-up where Isaac uses the Pulse Rifle while Sora fires a beam from his Keyblade and he is spinning around Isaac while doing that.

Marcus Fenix: Marcus' Lancer is deadly both at a distance with its machinegun bullets and at close range with the chainsaw. When he and Sora do their team-up, Marcus rushes at a selected foe and slashes at it with his chainsaw and then Sora jumps in from above and cuts the foe in two.

Jack: Jack's Plasmids and modified guns make him a deadly foe at a range. But he is also quite good at dispatching enemies with his wrench too. When Sora and Jack teams up, Jack uses both his Electroshock Plasmid and a fully uppgraded revolver at all the foes and Sora gets a shotgun and shoots any enemies that are in close range.

Duke Nukem: Duke can deliver intense amounts of damage on his foes with both words and guns. He uses his golden Desert Eagle when he is engaged in ranged combat and when up close, he uses his mighty boots on an unlucky enemies head or crotch. When he and Sora teams up, they stand back to back and shoots at all the foes on the screen while turning around in circles.

I'm pretty sure almost everyone has played a game thats scared the crap out of them so much that they can't stop thinking about it.
I have played one such game and it was called Shivers.
Its an old horror adventure game by Sierra back when graphics weren't that important.
Man, that game really scared me.
The fact that you are dared to spend a night in a derlict museum for the strange things in the world is so creepy.
Here's the intro for the game:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynwzw7L BMjo
It also had a sequel by the name of Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls, it was quite like the first game expect it took place in a ghost town by the name of Cyclone.

Goodbye 3D Realms

2009-05-11 14:44:12 by commanderhavoc

It has been revealed that 3D Realms has closed its doors forever and with that goes our hopes of ever seeing Duke Nukem Forever or any other games by them for that matter.
It is a sad day for all gamers out there.
No more Duke Nukem. :(
There are rumors however going about that the rights for Duke Nukem Forever has been bought by another good gaming company so there may be a chance for us to see Duke Nukem Forever after all.